At Adventure Bikes Company, we fulfill dreams of grand motorcycle excursions. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can feel the freedom and thrill of riding through the incredible terrains of New Zealand. We want adventure to be accessible to all – regardless of where you come from or your level of experience.

With us, you hop on a motorcycle and set off to conquer trails, discover hidden corners, and connect with the wild nature that is the heart of New Zealand. We create expeditions that remain in memory for a lifetime, leading you through diverse landscapes and breathtaking views. We help turn dreams into reality and experience the ultimate adventure on a motorcycle.

Meet Marchin, the adventurous brain behind our New Zealand motorcycle rentals and tours. A mechanical engineer turned full-time explorer, he believes in the power of an adventure mindset and a can-do attitude for all riders, regardless of their bike brand. His explorations have spanned five tours across New Zealand and adventures in Australia, the United States, Europe, and North Africa, riding both motorcycles and 4WDs.

Marchin, a regular at international motorcycle events, has ridden alongside legends, gaining insights into riding, gear, and the extremes of human and machine capabilities. His outdoor passions include amateur mountain biking, expert scuba diving, and kite surfing, combining these activities with his tours. A skilled hunter and conservationist, he fosters a connection with the land.

Dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring beyond fear, Marchin invites everyone to join our unforgettable motorcycle adventures. With him, you’ll laugh, create lasting memories, and experience life-changing journey